Teragon's Summary of Cryogen Properties

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Some useful conversions are given after the table of properties.

CryogenPropertyValue UnitsComments

Boiling Point 77.348K1 Atm
Melting Point 63.2K1 Atm
Triple Point 63.2Ktriple point temperature
0.127Atmtriple point pressure
Critical Point 126.19Kcritical point temperature
33.534Atmcritical point pressure
0.31311g/mlcritical point density
Density 0.80663g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Dielectric Constant 1.434 liquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 198.3kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm

Boiling Point 239.82K1 Atm
Melting Point 195.5K1 Atm
Triple Point 195.49Ktriple point temperature
6.06kPatriple point pressure
Critical Point 405.40Kcritical point temperature
111.85Atmcritical point pressure
0.22500g/mlcritical point density
Density 0.68197g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Dielectric Constant 22 liquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 1369kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm

Boiling Point 87.3K1 Atm
Melting Point 83.8K1 Atm
Triple Point 83.8Ktriple point temperature
0.679Atmtriple point pressure
Critical Point 150.7Kcritical point temperature
48.3Atmcritical point pressure
0.544g/mlcritical point density
Density 1.403g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Dielectric Constant 1.520 liquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 161.6kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm
  Carbon Dioxide 

Sublimation Point 194.7K1 Atm
Triple Point 216.6Ktriple point temperature
5.12Atmtriple point pressure
Critical Point 304.21Kcritical point temperature
72.878Atmcritical point pressure
0.46650g/mlcritical point density
Density 1.563g/mlsubliming solid @ 1 Atm
Latent Heat 573kJ/kgsubliming solid @ 1 Atm
Helium 4

Boiling Point 4.2304K1 Atm
Lambda Point 2.18Klambda point temperature
0.050Atmlambda point pressure
Critical Point 5.1953Kcritical point temperature
2.2449Atmcritical point pressure
0.069641g/mlcritical point density
Density 0.12473g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Dielectric Constant 1.049 liquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 20.73kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm
Helium 3

Boiling Point 3.19K1 Atm
Critical Point 3.35Kcritical point temperature
1.15Atmcritical point pressure
Density 0.059g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 8.48kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm

Boiling Point 20.27K1 Atm
Melting Point 14.0K1 Atm
Triple Point 13.81Ktriple point temperature
0.0695Atmtriple point pressure
Critical Point 32.98Kcritical point temperature
12.76Atmcritical point pressure
0.0314g/mlcritical point density
Density 0.0708g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Dielectric Constant 1.230 liquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 446kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm

Boiling Point 111.67K1 Atm
Melting Point 90.7K1 Atm
Triple Point 88.7Ktriple point temperature
0.099Atmtriple point pressure
Critical Point 190.56Kcritical point temperature
45.391Atmcritical point pressure
0.16266g/mlcritical point density
Density 0.42236g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Dielectric Constant 1.676 liquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 511.5kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm

Boiling Point 27.10K1 Atm
Melting Point 24.58K1 Atm
Triple Point 24.56Ktriple point temperature
0.427Atmtriple point pressure
Critical Point 44.49Kcritical point temperature
26.44Atmcritical point pressure
0.482g/mlcritical point density
Density 1.204g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Dielectric Constant 1.188 liquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 86.2kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm

Boiling Point 90.188K1 Atm
Melting Point 54.4K1 Atm
Triple Point 54.4Ktriple point temperature
0.0015Atmtriple point pressure
Critical Point 154.58Kcritical point temperature
49.771Atmcritical point pressure
0.43614g/mlcritical point density
Density 1.1412g/mlliquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Dielectric Constant 1.487 liquid, 1 Atm, @ boiling point
Latent Heat 212.9kJ/kgvaporization @ 1 Atm

In the following tables of conversion factors, horizontal groups (rows) are equivalent.
For example, 1 atm = 101.325 kPa = 14.696 PSIA, etc.


 g/ml g/cm3kg/m3lb/ft3

K  =  °C + 273.15  =  ((°F - 32) / 1.8) + 273.15  =  °R / 1.8
°C  =  K - 273.15  =  (°F - 32) / 1.8  =  (°R / 1.8) - 273.15
 °F  =  (1.8 x (K - 273.15)) + 32  =  (1.8 x °C) + 32  =  °R - 459.67 
°R  =  (1.8 x K)  =  1.8 x (°C + 273.15)  =  °F + 459.67

kJ BTUcal




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