LC2 Liquid Nitrogen Level Controller

The Teragon LC2 monitors and controls the level of liquid nitrogen in dewars and cold traps. Its unattended operation keeps your cryogenic reservoir filled, automatically and reliably, without the hazard of manual transfers. The LC2 is designed to monitor liquid nitrogen at atmospheric pressure and its applications include cold traps, radiation detectors, cold fingers and cryopreservation.

The LC2 Controller maintains the liquid level between two user-defined setpoints. The setpoints are defined by placing two LS1 level sensors at the desired positions within the LN2 reservoir. The LC2 will energize a solenoid valve when the lower sensor is no longer submerged in LN2. Filling continues until the upper sensor becomes submerged.

The status of the LC2 is indicated by lights on the front panel of the controller. When the controller is turned on, the illuminated power switch glows red. If both sensors are plugged in and operating properly, the green 'SENSORS' LED is lit. While filling, the red 'SOLENOID' LED is lit. The solenoid can also be activated from the front panel using the MANUAL switch.

The LC2 has been designed so that either sensor will function as the high (or low) sensor. There is no need to determine which sensor is plugged into which jack. Simply position the sensors at the desired high and low setpoints and then plug the sensors into either connector on the back of the controller. Filling will begin when both sensors have become dry and continue until both sensors have become wet.

As a safety feature, the controller will not initiate (or continue) a fill operation if either sensor is disconnected or shorted. This prevents the controller from exhausting the LN2 source in the event that a sensor becomes unplugged or damaged. The LC2's features include:

Power, Solenoid and Sensor Indicators
Manual Fill Override
Small Size
Low Cost
Easy Installation
1 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

The LC2 controller comes with a power cord, solenoid cable, user manual and two LS1 sensors. All parts are covered by a 1 year warranty. The LC2 is a durable unit designed for years of reliable service. Inquiries regarding custom and OEM applications are welcome.

Download the LC2 User Manual

           PDF LC2 User Manual (452 KB)

LC2 Specifications

Power: 120VAC @ 3Amps, 50-60 Hz
Fill Relay: 120VAC @ 2.5Amps, Zero-cross switching.
Visual Indicators:
     Illuminated power switch
     Green LED for sensor signals
     Red LED for solenoid status
Dimensions excluding sensors:
     3.4 in. H x 6.3 in. W x 6.5 in. D
     (86 mm x 160 mm x 165 mm)
Sensor Type: Thermally biased Teristor
Sensor Bias: 44 mW
Sensor Lengths: 2, 3, or 4 feet
A one year warranty covers all parts.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Options & Accessories

100 or 230VAC line power
Transfer hardware including cryogenic solenoid valves, plumbing, fittings, insulation, phase separators, etc.

U.S. Pricing

The LC2 controller comes with 2 sensors, a power cord, a solenoid cable, and a user manual. Please specify the desired sensor lead length: 2, 3, or 4 feet.

LC2 Controller with 2 sensors: $900
LS1 replacement sensor (2, 3 or 4 foot lengths): $99
SX1 Non-cryogenic sensor extensions (6 foot): $79
Prices are FOB San Francisco and are subject to change.
LC2 Photo

LC2 Application

Typical LC2 Application

LC2 Rear Panel

LC2 Rear Panel

LS1 Sensor

LS1 Liquid Nitrogen Sensor



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