LS2 Liquid Nitrogen Sensor

The Teragon LS2 Liquid Nitrogen Sensor is a low cost means of determining the presence of liquid nitrogen. The sensor provides a digital output which indicates whether the end of the probe is submerged. Based on Teragon's proprietary Teristor sensor technology, the LS2 provides a unique combination of high sensitivity, fast response, and low voltage operation. The sensor can be powered from as little as 5 VDC. The LS2 is designed to work at atmospheric pressure and its applications include cryogenic dip sticks, level controllers, level alarms, and level monitoring in dewars and cold traps. A few suggested applications are shown at the bottom of this page.

LS2 pinout

The LS2 Pin Configuration

The pin configuration of the sensor is shown in the figure above. During operation, the LS2's open-collector output (SIG) is grounded when the end of the sensor is submerged in LN2. In this low state, the output can sink up to 25 mA. The output returns to the open state when the sensor is no longer submerged. Its low power consumption permits battery-powered and portable applications. An integral splash guard inhibits premature triggering in applications involving turbulence. Each LS2 sensor is provided with a solderable connector that mates with the LS2 pins.

The LS2's features include:

Low cost
Low voltage operation (5-15 VDC)
Low power consumption (0.1 W @ 5 V)
Fast response
Integral splash guard
TTL/CMOS compatible output
Made in the USA

Placing Orders

Please specify the desired sensor length: sensors are available in lengths of 1, 2, 3 and 4 feet. The length is measured from the end of the LN2 sensor to the base of the head.

U.S. Pricing

For sensor lengths up to 4 feet: $189
Price is FOB San Francisco and is subject to change.
LS2 photo

Download the LS2 User Guide

           PDF LS2 User Guide (135 KB)

LS2 Applications

Typical LS2 Applications



      LC2 Controller
      LC10 Controller
      LC11 Controller
      LP7 Transmitter
      AL10 Alarm
      LS2 Sensor
      TA1 Transfer Line
      PM70 Meter

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