LC10 Liquid Nitrogen Level Controller

The LC10 Liquid Level Controller uses two LS10 Liquid Sensors to maintain the nitrogen level in cryogenic reservoirs. The controller uses an on-board solid-state relay to operate a cryogenic solenoid valve (sold separately). The LC10 will activate the relay when the lower LS10 sensor is no longer submerged in LN2. Filling continues until the upper LS10 sensor becomes submerged. The LC10 runs off 120VAC mains power and features an opto-isolated zero-volt switching relay. Intended for OEM customers, the LC10 is supplied as a circuit board with screw terminals and mounting holes.

The controller has been designed so that either LS10 sensor will function as the high (or low) sensor. There is no need to determine which sensor is plugged into which connector. Simply position the LS10 sensors at the desired high and low control points and then plug the sensors into either jack on the LC10 circuit board. Filling will begin when both sensors have become dry and continue until both sensors have become wet. As a safety feature, the controller will not initiate (or continue) a fill operation if either sensor is unplugged.

The LC10 circuit board is equipped with two jacks that accept the LS10 sensors. Screw terminals are used to make all other connections to the LC10 circuit board. In addition to the power and relay terminals, the controller also has STATUS and FILLING outputs as well as a TOGGLE input.

The STATUS output indicates that the sensors are installed and operating properly. If both sensors are functioning, the STATUS output is connected to COMMON. Otherwise the STATUS output flashes between COMMON and open to indicate a fault condition. The FILLING output can be used by external equipment to monitor the LC10's filling status. This open-collector output is connected to COMMON only when the solid state relay is activated.

The TOGGLE input permits external control over the filling process. If the liquid level is between the two sensors, then momentarily shorting the TOGGLE terminal to COMMON will cause the status of the controller to toggle from the filling state to the waiting state or vice versa. If both sensors are dry, shorting TOGGLE to COMMON will disable filling until TOGGLE is released from COMMON. Finally, If both sensors are wet (or if either sensor is unplugged), TOGGLE can be used to override the controller and force-fill the reservoir.

The LC10's features include:

Automatic 2-Point Control
Controller Override
Sensor Status Indication
Filling Indication
Compact Size
Low Cost
Easy Installation
1 Year Warranty
Made in the USA

Download the LC10 User Manual

           PDF LC10 User Manual (348 KB)

LC10 Specifications

Power: 120VAC @ 3Amps (230VAC optional)
Size: 3.13 in. (L) x 3.0 in. (W) x 1.5 in. (H)
Fill Relay: 120VAC @ 2.5Amps (230VAC optional)
Required Sensors: LS10, 2 each
Input Signal: TOGGLE
Output Signals: STATUS and FILLING
Output Power Supply: 5VDC @ 90mA
Screw Terminals: Accepts 14 to 30 AWG
Mounting Holes: 2.5 in. square pattern, 0.15 in. I.D.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Inquiries regarding custom applications are welcome.

U.S. Pricing

LC10 Controller: $295
LS10 Sensors (2, 3 or 4 foot lengths): $99 each
SX10 Non-cryogenic sensor extensions (6 foot): $79
Prices are FOB San Francisco and are subject to change.
LC10 Photo

LC10 Application

Typical LC10 Application

LC10 Circuit Board

LC10 Circuit Board

LS10 Sensor

LS10 Sensor



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