TA1 Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Assembly

The Teragon TA1 transfer assembly allows automated filling of liquid nitrogen reservoirs in a variety of cryogenic applications. The assembly consists of an insulated, flexible transfer line that is operated via a cryogenic solenoid valve. The solenoid valve is actuated using 120 VAC and draws less than 0.5 amp. It can be operated with an inlet pressure up to 40 psi (typical LS-160 storage vessels are pressurized at ~22 psi). A cryogenic relief valve, set at 75 psi, is provided for added safety.

TA1 drawing

A 1/2 inch SAE flare fitting permits connection to standard LN2 storage vessels. The flexible line and insulation can be bent around a 6 inch radius; however, the insulation becomes inflexible during transfer. To simplify installation, the TA1 comes fully assembled and ready to use. All parts are covered by a 1 year warranty. Let our transfer assembly free you from the hazard and inconvenience of manual LN2 transfers.

TA1 Options

The solenoid valve can be supplied with a 6 foot power cord and wall plug. If the TA1 is ordered with Teragon's LC2 Level Controller, the solenoid will be provided with an electrical plug that mates with the controller.

The TA1 is adaptable to a variety of LN2 transfer needs. For example, a bored-through compression fitting, with external pipe threads, can be installed on the phase separator's brass tubing to permit rigid mounting into a threaded boss. Inquiries regarding custom modifications of the transfer assembly are welcome. Please contact us with your specific transfer requirements.

Placing Orders

Please specify your required length of flexible transfer line and brass tubing. The standard lengths are 6 feet and 6 inches respectively. Enough flexible insulation will be provided to cover the specified flexible transfer length. Pricing is based on the flexible length only and the brass tubing is available in lengths up to 2 feet.

U.S. Pricing

For Flexible Lengths up to 6 feet (1830 mm): $1,995
Installed 6 foot power cord with wall plug: $25
Prices are FOB San Francisco and are subject to change.


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