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Teragon manufactures liquid nitrogen sensors, level transducers, level controllers and complete auto-fill systems. Designed for the user, these level solutions are economical, reliable and easy to install.

Our catalog of LN2 products include:
LC2 Liquid Nitrogen Level Controller
LC10 OEM Level Controller
LC11 OEM Level Controller with Alarm
LP7 Liquid Nitrogen Level Transmitter
AL10 Liquid Nitrogen Level Alarm
LS2 Liquid Nitrogen Sensor
TA1 Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Assembly
Cryogenic Solenoid Valves



      LC2 Controller
      LC10 Controller
      LC11 Controller
      LP7 Transmitter
      AL10 Alarm
      LS2 Sensor
      TA1 Transfer Line
      Solenoid Valves
      PM70 Meter

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